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Professional Culinary Arts Course

2 Years Professional Culinary Arts Course

The BACA 2-Year Professional Culinary Arts Course is teaching you all necessary skills and knowledge to work as a cook in International Cuisine.

What can a Culinary Course at BACA do for you?

These days, a culinary course is more than just a ticket to a job working as a line cook in a restaurant. Although this is certainly a possibility if that is where your interests lay, a culinary course from a reputable Culinary Academy like BACA actually offers a wealth of opportunities as far as careers and work environments go.

No longer forced to consider restaurants as the only place to send your resume, you can actually take your culinary arts course all over the world.

Choosing the right career

No matter where your interests lie, there is a great culinary career just waiting for you. Consider all the things that interest you in addition to cooking – from the sciences to world travel – and you should be able to find a niche that not only allows you to do what you love, but to make quite a bit of money doing it.


  • All ingredients for Hands-On Trainings
  • 1 Set of Chefs Uniform
  • 1 Set of School Uniform
  • 1 Set of Pro Chefs Knife Set (6 pieces with bag)
  • Student Hand-Outs
  • Field Trips
  • TESDA NC II Assessment
  • Food Tasting
  • BACA/DACA Recipe Almanac
  • BACA/DACA Diploma
  • BACA/DACA Certificates
  • TESDA Commercial Cooking NCII Certificate

Students Benefits:

  • International Standard Training Program based on the German Dual Education Curriculum at local level Tuition Fees
  • Training in an International Standard Environment with Professional Equipment
  • Training carried out by International renowned Chefs based from Europe and United States
  • Same Training as Culinary Arts students in Europe without all VISA requirements and travelling abroad
  • Start working and earning faster than with other Culinary Arts Programs
  • Assistance for OJT in our Partner 5 Star Hotels

6 month in a High Profile Hotel in Manila, Boracay or Cebu. Our Partner Hotels are Names like Shangri-La Makati, Sofitel, Marco Polo etc.

– Culinary Professional
– Basic Principles of Cooking and Science
– Restaurant, Kitchen and Table Setup
– Nutrition and Health
– Stocks, Soups and Sauces
– Egg Cookery
– Breakfast Preparation
– Sandwiches and Canapés
– Garde Manger: Appetizers, Amuse Bouche, Hors d’oeuvres
– Salads and Dressings
– Understanding Vegetable and Fruits
– Understanding Potatoes
– Recipe and Menu Formulations
– Kitchen Time Management
– Food Presentations and Plating Techniques
– Legumes, Grains, Seeds and other Starches
– Pastas, Noodles and Dumplings
– Kitchen Mathematics

– Dairy Production (Milk and Cheese)
– Sustainable Food Principle
– Butchery and Slaughtering
– Understanding Poultry and Game Birds
– Understanding Seafood: Fish and Shellfish
– Understanding Pork
– Understanding Beef
– Meat Processing
– Understanding Non-Feathered Game
– Offal and Variety Meats
– The Art of Preservation
– The Baking Professional
– Filipino Cuisine and Culture
– Japanese Cuisine and Culture

Internship in a high profile Hotel in Manila, Cebu or Boracay

These 6 Months are a very important part of your culinary education at BACA. The time you are spending on the Internship will enable you to get a job straight after your Graduation.

BACA gives you all the tools you need in your career. The internship will give you the experience you need to be successful.

– Bread Production
– Pastry Production
– Food Presentation and Plating Techniques
– Molecular Gastronomy and Sous Vide Cooking
– Restaurant and Kitchen Management
– Italian Cuisine and Culture
– French Cuisine and Culture
– Thai Cuisine and Culture
– Indian Cuisine and Culture
– Eastern European and Arabic Cuisine and Culture
– German Cuisine and Culture
– Mexican and Latin American Cuisine and Culture
– Spanish Cuisine and Culture
– Wines, Spirits and Alcohols